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Community Benefits

Significant New Revenue

When completed, CPV St. Charles will be one of the largest taxpayers in Charles County and therefore a major new, long-term source of additional funding for local schools.

Significant Local Economic Activity

In addition to the increased local revenue, the project will also provide a significant boost for the local economy with the creation of well-paying jobs both in the short-term, during construction, and long-term employment opportunities for people in the area when the plant is completed. It’s expected that approximately 350-400 construction jobs will be created during peak construction, and about 24 well-paying permanent jobs will be created once the facility is completed.

Local merchants and other businesses will benefit from the increased economic activity that will be generated because of the jobs in the area as additional dollars will be spent in the local market because of CPV’s corporate philosophy to purchase local material, to the greatest extent possible, as a way of supporting the host community.

Regional Environmental Benefits


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