CPV Stonecrop Solar


Hardin County, Kentucky



In Development

System Information

Tracker Mounting System

Total Installed Capacity

82 MWac

Construction Start

Q1 2025


CPV Stonecrop Solar will consist of a 82 MWac photovoltaic solar project located on approximately 640 acres near Glendale in Hardin County, Kentucky. CPV Stonecrop Solar is expected to reach commercial operation by the second quarter of 2026. 

To honor the traditional agricultural heritage of Hardin County, the project will use grazing sheep for vegetation management and set aside land for continued crop production and plant pollinator habitats on a significant portion of the site. This is an increasingly common practice in the solar industry known as ‘agrivoltaics’, which enables local renewable energy generation and economic development to take place side by side with continued agricultural use of the land.


  • New tax revenue to Hardin County that can be used towards community causes and benefits.
  • CPV Stonecrop Solar is expected to create approximately 150 local jobs during construction. 
  • Local businesses will benefit from increased commerce from the project and workers.
  • The sheep industry in Kentucky will experience a boost due to increased demand for local sheep.


  • Adds to Kentucky’s energy diversity and helps the state meet its energy goals.
  • Restored soil health and stability by letting most of the site regenerate under permanent vegetation. 
  • Improved biodiversity by locating pollinator habitats and apiaries on the site. 
  • The project will generate ~209,000 MWh of clean local electricity annually, equivalent to taking 22,000 cars off the road. 

“This project demonstrates that conserving the traditional landscapes of Hardin County and renewable energy deployment need not be mutually exclusive. Agriculture has been a cornerstone of Kentucky’s identity for generations, and incorporating sheep grazing and other traditional farming practices into this project is a natural evolution that respects both our history and our future.”

– Kelley Yates, Executive Director, KSGDO


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