Three Rivers Energy Center

Frequently Asked Questions

The CPV Three Rivers Energy Center (CPV Three Rivers) is a planned 1,200 megawatt (MW) combined-cycle electric generating facility, located in Goose Lake Township, Grundy County, Illinois.

A combined-cycle electric generator like CPV Three Rivers is a highly efficient assembly of combustion turbines that drive electric generators where the hot exhaust from the combustion turbines is used to generate additional electricity via a steam turbine. The power that generators like this one produce typically displaces power produced by older, less efficient power plants, and helps improve our environment.

This site provides an optimal combination of factors that are important in deciding where best to locate an energy center, including proximity to major 345kV transmission lines, on site major natural gas pipeline, cooling water access, and highway access. In addition, the area’s designation as an “Energy Corridor” with a highly skilled workforce, experienced in building and operating energy projects, was a strong draw.

CPV Three Rivers is a planned 1,200-megawatt power generation facility and will occupy about 30 acres on an 80-acre site.

CPV began by looking at whether CPV Three Rivers would be a good “fit” for the community and CPV. Then we worked with both the state and the community to ensure we addressed any concerns regarding the energy center site and its operation. There are also several federal, state and local permits the facility had to obtain in order to construct and operate. As of 2020, CPV has obtained all approvals to construct the facility.

From the very beginning of the process, there have been multiple opportunities for public participation, comment, and review from residents and relevant stakeholder groups. CPV hosted an informational open house, along with other educational forums to inform the community about the project, the overall process and how they could become active participants. During construction and operation, CPV plans to continue this two-way communication with the community.

The community will benefit from the tax revenues during the construction and operation of CPV Three Rivers, which will provide revenue to support vital public services and school funding. We are also making every effort to purchase local goods and services to benefit those living and working in the host community. Additionally, over the life of CPV Three Rivers, there will be both significant direct and indirect economic benefits from the ongoing operation and regular maintenance of the energy center.

CPV Three Rivers is a gas-fired energy center that will use the best available control technology to minimize emissions of pollutants. CPV Three Rivers will be highly efficient and help displace older, less efficient power facilities in the region. Because these less efficient facilities are typically older and were built when emissions mandates were less stringent, CPV Three Rivers will improve air quality.

Modern energy centers are surprisingly quiet. CPV Three Rivers will meet all local and state noise quality standards. The closest residence to the project is over a mile away.

As part of our commitment to the environment, CPV Three Rivers will use an air-cooled condenser design that utilizes a fraction of the water used by wet-cooled facilities. The highly efficient design of CPV Three Rivers conserves water and protects natural resources. The relatively small amount of water that is needed for process makeup comes from onsite wells.

We anticipate at peak construction; we will have more than 500 local union workers onsite. The construction period is approximately 30 months. Once operational, CPV Three Rivers will create approximately 25 full-time, well-paying jobs and another 75 ancillary jobs.

CPV Three Rivers is expected to be built and operational by Q1 2023.


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