Paul joined CPV in 2001 as the Senior Vice President of Finance and was promoted in 2014 to the position of Chief Financial Officer (CFO). He is responsible for the financial structuring of new development projects, management of existing project capitalization efforts, and any debt financing associated with the company’s acquisition-related endeavors. Paul also oversees the financial management of the assets managed by CPV’s Asset Management group.

Most recently in March 2017, Paul led the financing of the ~$1 billion 1,050 MW CPV Fairview Energy Center. Prior to CPV Fairview, Paul led the financing for $5.2 billion of new projects: the ~$1 billion 785 MW CPV Towantic Energy Center, the ~$1 billion 720 MW CPV Valley Energy Center, the $840 million 725 MW CPV Woodbridge Energy Center, the $775 million 725 MW CPV St. Charles Energy Center, the $900 million 800 MW CPV Sentinel Project, the $320 million 152 MW CPV Keenan II wind farm, and the $350 million 166 MW CPV Cimarron wind farm.

Paul has 25 years of experience in the energy sector starting with the J. Makowski Company, and just prior to joining CPV as Director of Finance for InterGen where he managed the debt financing of the 1,200 MW Cottonwood Power Project and co-managed the debt financing of the 600 MW Bajio Power Project in Mexico. Paul gained his finance training with Bank of Boston.

Paul holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Wesleyan University.