Job Creation

  • 300-500 jobs during 2.5 years of construction - sourced locally
  • 21-25 full time jobs, $3.25-4 million/year in labor and benefits

Tax Base Expansion

  • Over 6 percent of town budget
  • Over $17 million during construction
  • $20 million in sales tax during construction
  • $117.5 million through first 22 years of operation

Community Support

  • $50,000/year for 20 years
  • Construction of $4 million road to advance Woodruff Hill Industrial Park
  • Funding of Playscape at Lily Park

Water System Enhancement

  • $175,000 for operations and maintenance of two metering stations on Pomperaug River

Electric Reliability Increased

  • Answering the call for development of the next generation of energy facilities

Regional Emissions Reduced

  • Significantly less emissions per megawatt hour

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