UPDATE: The CPV Fairview Energy Center has achieved full commercial operation..

The CPV Fairview Energy Center (CPV Fairview) is currently operational and providing reliable electricity to more than 1 million Pennsylvania homes and businesses. Since start-up in December 2019, we have achieved the following milestones:

  • Safety is our #1 priority and we are proud to report that no safety incidents have occurred onsite since commercial operation was achieved and that CPV Fairview holds an exceptional safety record when compared to industry average.
  • CPV Fairview recently began commissioning on ethane to provide a dual fuel capability that could allow for more flexibility in fuel sources for the plant’s operation.
  • We are currently in compliance with the local noise ordinance, however, we strive to go above and beyond to address community concerns. That’s why in mid-February we installed sound deadening material on areas of the facility’s equipment and more will be done to mitigate sound in May.
  • In January, CPV Fairview’s $500k contribution to the CPV Host Community Benefits Fund went towards providing $100k to the Jackson Twp. Volunteer Fire Company for a new fire truck and $27k to fund a new cruiser for the Jackson Police Department.
  • Our CPV Fairview team, including our plant manager, has contributed to the community by discussing power generation with classes at Jackson Elementary School and Central Cambria Middle School. A key point is how natural-gas-fired generation like CPV Fairview and the development of renewable projects, such as solar and wind, are complementary.


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