Project Development

Our sustained tracked record of success has made us a preferred partner for the world’s top technology companies and financial institutions.

Throughout all of our years as a company, our biggest assets have always been our people and our partnerships. With decades of experience working on more than 13.5 GW of generation facilities, including 762 MW of renewable generation, our multi-disciplinary team has the expertise needed to bring complex projects all the way from concept to reality. By partnering with global technology companies, financial institutions and host communities, we are able to bring online award-winning projects that modernize the electric grid and are among the most efficient, reliable and environmentally responsible in the world.


Our multi-disciplinary team is capable of bringing projects from start to finish. Our team features in-house development, construction & engineering, regulatory affairs, finance, accounting, asset management, business development, origination and energy management groups.


Our core focus is the development of new natural-gas-fired and renewable power generation facilities throughout the United States. We are experienced in developing both merchant and contracted facilities in regulated and deregulated markets.


We believe in an open and straight-forward approach in all interactions throughout the development cycle. Our reputation in the energy industry and with our community partners is a testament to our commitment to integrity, honesty, respect, transparency and teamwork.

Proven Commercial Expertise

  • Commercial capabilities across hedge products and PPAs allows CPV to capitalize on market conditions
  • Deep expertise on large, structured transactions including with utility and C&I counterparties


  • Experienced in-house teams execute across the full suite of power industry functions
  • Ability to manage build vs. buy economics and evaluate development opportunities
  • Significant M&A experience

Network of Equity Partnerships

  • Network of trusted partners provides attractively priced pool of equity for future development projects
  • Unique ability to self-syndicate equity stakes in development projects

Reliable Access to
Debt Markets

  • Deep relationships with leading financial institutions enables CPV to raise efficient capital on an ongoing basis
  • Successful financing track record contributes to capital availability, enhancing execution certainty

OEM and EPC Partnerships

  • Longstanding relationships with leading OEMs and EPCs allows deployment of best-in-class technology to ensure state-of-the-art projects at competitive pricing

Development Cycle

Our Approach

Community Engagement

  • Open lines of communication
  • Honest and transparent in all interactions
  • Strong emphasis on corporate citizenship

Global Partnerships

  • Partner with top companies in the world
  • Access to cutting-edge technologies
  • Efficient capital resulting in cost effective projects

Active Market Participation

  • Continually engaged in policy discussions
  • Advocate for fair competitive markets
  • Shared governance committee member

Our Projects