Sustainable Economies

Protecting Natural Resources
CPV's corporate mission is to develop energy projects that contribute significant value to local and regional economies by providing new streams of tax revenue, well-paying jobs and increased economic activity, while doing everything possible to preserve the environment. To achieve this, CPV focuses its development efforts around the complementary technologies of natural gas electric generation and wind power generation. Listed below are some of the attributes inherent in these technologies and the specific ways in which CPV deploys them.

Natural Gas
  • Innovative facility designs that conserve water through increased efficiency, dry-cooling, and/or the use of recycled wastewater
  • High fuel efficiency means less resource input and little to no waste
  • Cleaner air through best available emissions control technologies (BACT)

  • Requires zero water during operation and creates minimal impervious surfaces
  • Preserves land by reducing development pressures on landowners
  • Properly cited facilities will not affect sensitive fish and wildlife populations
  • Zero waste and zero emissions