Renewable Energy Generation

Keenan II Construction

Harnessing a continent of clean energy

CPV believes that wind is an integral part of the solution to a clean energy future. CPV's Renewable Energy Company (CPV REC) has a long and rich history in US wind energy having previously developed and transacted a large portfolio of over 3,500 MWs. Since that time, CPV has continued to lead the way, developing and transacting an additional seven wind projects totaling over 1000 MW. These projects, and our 152 MW Keenan II wind farm currently in operation, are part of our commitment to balancing the economy and the environment through energy independence, clean power and jobs.

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Driving economic progress

Together with OG&E and the Woodward Industrial Foundation, CPV was actively involved in recruiting Siemens to locate a service and distribution center for the wind industry in Woodward, Oklahoma. Bringing a major international industry leader like Siemens to Oklahoma marks an important next step toward realizing the benefits of the clean energy economy.

Woodward Opening

CPV Interactive Project Map

CPV Project Map