Competitive Power Ventures (CPV) is an energy company that develops, builds, and manages electricity generation facilities across the country to provide safe, reliable, cost-effective and environmentally-responsible power. CPV’s corporate mission is built around a belief that progressive companies can be powerful agents of change for a better world and a cleaner environment. To this end, we have focused our core activities on developing and operating energy facilities that make a significant difference in improving the environments and economic circumstances of the regions in which they are located.

The CPV Fairview Energy Center is an approximate 1,050 megawatt (“MW”) combined-cycle electric generating energy center, located in Jackson Township, Cambria County, Pennsylvania.

A combined-cycle electric generator generates electricity from natural gas. The waste heat is used to make steam to generate additional electricity via a steam turbine. This highly efficient, state-of-the-art technology will generate local, cleaner electricity that reduces dependence on older power facilities and is better for our environment.

This site provides an optimal combination of factors that are important in deciding where best to locate an energy center, including on-site access to major 500kV transmission lines, close proximity to major natural gas pipelines, cooling water access, and highway access.

The CPV Fairview Energy Center is an approximate 1,050 megawatt energy center and will occupy about 30 acres.

An energy center requires an extensive permitting and approval process involving local, state and federal organizations.  CPV has worked closely with our local and state stakeholders to gain valuable feedback to obtain the necessary approvals to move forward with the Fairview Energy Center.

The community will benefit from the tax revenues during construction and operation, providing revenue to support vital public services, and school funding. We also make every effort to purchase local goods and services to benefit those living and working in the host community. CPV has already donated $325,000 under the Host Community Benefits Agreement and will continue to donate $500k, escalating, annually for the life of the project the first year after the plant reaches commercial operations.

The CPV Fairview Energy Center is a state-of-the-art energy center that will use the best available control technology to minimize emissions of pollutants. It will be fueled by natural gas which is by far the cleanest fossil fuel. The energy center will be highly efficient and thus will help displace older, less efficient power facilities in the region. Because these less efficient facilities are typically older and were built when less stringent emissions were mandated, the CPV Fairview Energy Center will ultimately improve air quality.

Modern energy centers are surprisingly quiet and this energy center will be required to meet all local and state noise quality standards.

CPV Fairview will utilize 3-8 million gallons per day of industrial water from the Cambria Somerset Authority (CSA) for non-contact cooling purposes, sourced through a new 8 mile, 24" pipeline and 2 electric powered pump stations to be built by CPV and owned and operated by CSA. Once the water cycles through the plant multiple times, it will be treated and returned to the CSA via a pipeline where it can be used again for industrial processes.

Natural gas for the energy center will come from the Enbridge Texas Eastern Transmission gas lines approx. 1 mile north of the site through a pipeline to be owned and maintained by CPV Fairview.

CPV’s experience is that any localized EMF due to the energy center is marginal and more importantly, is confined to the areas immediately around the generation turbines within the energy center.

At peak construction approximately 300 – 500 workers on site during an approximate 30-month construction schedule, with strong efforts being made to use local labor and materials to the greatest extent possible. Once operational, energy center staff will be approximately 21 - 25 full-time well-paying jobs.

While it's hard to determine the number of trucks on a daily basis, CPV and its contractors will be working with PENNDOT and the local governments on a transportation plan in order to minimize traffic disruptions especially for emergency response and school vehicles during construction. Once the energy center is operational, traffic to and from will be minimized to routine operation and maintenance goods and services, including plant staff.

Once site preparation and clean-up is complete, it is expected to take approximately 30 months. The energy center is expected to be operational in 2020.

Based on information from other communities where facilities have been built, we have seen no decline in property values as a result of new electric generation infrastructure.


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