Significant New Revenue

The project will yield substantial local and regional benefits including hundreds of millions of dollars in private infrastructure investment, significant revenue for the state in sales tax during construction and significant new revenues for local governments and businesses. Based on CPV's experience, the positive economic benefits across the community and region for years to come are dramatic.

Significant Local Economic Activity

At peak construction, approximately 300 – 500+ workers will be on-site during the approximate 30-month construction schedule. Through our general contractors, CPV always strives to hire locally for our projects.

During operation, the energy center staff of 21 - 25 full-time personnel will earn $3 – 4 million dollars in annual salaries and benefits. Operation jobs will yield millions of dollars in payroll, and have significant economic benefits locally and regionally.

 A New Community Partner

CPV takes the long view with our development projects. We know for them to be a true success, they must stand the test of time. That’s why we seek to play an active role throughout the communities in which we operate. From sponsoring key community events and organizations, to offering school energy education programs, to serving on boards we believe strongly in investing in the communities in which we operate and invest.

Environmental Benefits:

Water Use:

As part of CPV’s commitment to conserving natural resources, the facility will utilize industrial water from the Cambria Somerset Authority (CSA) for non-contact cooling purposes, sourced through a new 8 mile, 24" pipeline and 2 electric powered pump stations to be built by CPV and owned and operated by CSA. Once the water cycles through the plant multiple times, it will be treated and returned to the CSA via a pipeline where it can be used again for industrial processes.

Combined-Cycle Technology:

The combined-cycle technology is approximately 30 percent more efficient than conventional electric generation technologies.

Natural Gas:

The CPV Fairview Energy Center will be a natural gas-fueled energy center, which means lower emissions rates and therefore improved overall air quality.

Brownfield Redevelopment:

The CPV Fairview Energy Center will utilize a site that was previously used as a petroleum storage terminal and salvage operation.

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