Commissioning Update for the CPV Valley Energy Center

Commissioning Update for the CPV Valley Energy Center

CPV Valley Energy Center Update

We’d like to provide the following update on the commissioning of the CPV Valley Energy Center.

The startup and commissioning activities are a necessary phase of construction and commercialization of the project. We are currently cleaning the steam piping systems (“steam blows”) within the facility using low pressure steam which has resulted in an occasional, temporary odor and a white steam exhaust plume. This is not indicative of how the plant will operate once commissioning is completed.

Although these activities comply with applicable air emission standards, we recognize the concerns raised by local residents and are taking the following actions to mitigate them:

  1. Delaying any nonessential tests that would typically be conducted during this phase until natural gas is available.
  2. Making operating changes to reduce the odor during commissioning.
  3. Reconfiguring commissioning activities to complete them as soon as possible.

It is very important to keep in mind the significant benefits the CPV Valley Energy Center will provide the community, including:

  • Displace outdated fossil fuel generation, which will reduce regional carbon emissions by an estimated half-a-million ton per year.
  • We will use approximately 30 to 50 percent less fuel to create the same amount of electricity being generated today, dramatically reducing the amount of fuel imported into New York.
  • Estimated $45 million in additional revenue that can be used to help reduce tax burdens, provide funding for infrastructure maintenance, and support local recreation and civic programs.
  • Our dual fuel capability will provide significant reliability benefits to the power system and our flexible operations will allow for more renewables in the grid for years to come.
  • Reducing regional electric costs by over $730 million per year by replacing less efficient generation resources.

We deeply appreciate your understanding during this phase. Please visit our CPV Valley Energy Center webpage at to stay updated on the project.

Tom Rumsey, CPV