Economy and Environment

Balancing the Economy and the Environment

In today’s world people need clean and affordable energy; from flat-screen TV’s to computers to plug-in electric vehicles, our lives are increasingly powered by electricity. However, it has become progressively more complex to meet the needs of our modern lives given the major challenges of environmental necessity, fuel price and availability, and the cost of state-of-the-art power facilities.

To meet this challenge, CPV has harnessed many of the best minds in the energy industry to answer a fundamental question: How can we provide the power North America needs, while advancing environmental goals and maintaining affordable electricity? It is a question we began responding to over a decade ago and continue to act upon every day.

The solutions we pursue are the ones that make the most technological, economic and environmental sense based upon our collective knowledge of the industry. To date, we have focused on developing and operating the next generation of natural gas and wind-powered electric generating facilities. These facilities allow us to replace the most outdated and inefficient sources of energy generation while creating thousands of jobs and infusing host communities with millions of dollars of new tax revenues. The construction and operation of our energy facilities directly improves North American lives through well-paying positions and the secondary (or ripple) effects from worker-spending at local establishments.

CPV views energy development as a win-win for both the community and the environment when such development reduces air pollution and water consumption, while supplying affordable electricity. There is no single solution to creating a clean energy future, but with our core mission focused on balancing the economy and the environment, CPV is an energy company for North America’s future.

CPV is a member of AEE, an association of businesses working to make energy secure, clean, and affordable.