Asset Management

Dozens of successful client engagements in the past decade.
Unprecedented success in profitable asset sales.


More owners of North American merchant power generation assets have entrusted their plants to CPV Asset Management Group than to any other company.
CPV Asset Management Group (CPV AMG) offers what no other North American power industry asset management company can:
  • The ability to scale from the smallest to the largest challenge.
  • Experience and resources to make strategic long-term improvements while returning value to your asset.
  • Capability of managing highly-complex merchant plants.

CPV AMG focuses on natural gas and other thermal generation, as well as renewable wind power generation. The core services we offer clients include:
  • Merchant energy asset and portfolio management services
  • Long-term contracted energy asset and portfolio management services

With more than 10,000 MW sold or transitioned since 2001 and more than 4,800 MW actively under management, we understand project assets require different services at different times. To see a list of these projects click here. We also understand the value of assets, from the earliest development stage through operation. By deploying multi-disciplinary teams we manage to seek out and harvest value from every area of the asset.

Distinguishing Capabilities
CPV AMG is one of the only companies of its type to maintain:
  • An active trading floor
  • In-house development and construction management teams
  • Direct dedicated interfaces with ISOs/RTOs
  • Active regulatory and legislative policy monitoring and advocacy
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CPV AMG's corporate values are deeply-seated in a long range view: integrity, honesty, respect, transparency and teamwork. Safety is of paramount importance on all projects and in the communities where we operate. Close community relations and environmental stewardship are embedded in our mission. We believe that when managed correctly, renewable and thermal electric generation can be a powerful force for a balanced economy and environment.

How CPV/AMG maximizes owner value:

  • Average engagement: 1 - 4 years
  • CPV/AMG financially aligns incentives to manage as if we are owners
  • We are incentivized to create a profitable sale

How the CPV/AMG approach works:

1. Dedicated Teams
  • 6-8 person multi-disciplinary person teams
  • 2 commercial leads - asset and energy managers
  • Comprehensive financial and tax management

2. Unmatched Technical "Bench Strength"
  • Broad asset management and development problem solving
  • Construction issues - power island and balance of plant
  • Transmission projects assessment and implementation
  • Energy trading experience in all major U.S. markets

3. Encompass Critical Valve Drivers Most Firms Don't
  • Market regulatory development
  • Commodity risk management
  • Debt refinancing & mergers and acquisitions - due diligence support, management presentations, data rooms