Asset Management Team

Dave MaginllDave joined CPV in 2005 and leads CPV’s asset management business. Working closely with CPV's energy management team, Dave and the CPV asset management team currently function as the "owner for hire" for all CPV managed projects, responsible for strategic direction and execution, proposing and meeting financial and operational targets, buying and selling power and fuel, negotiating and managing project contracts, implementing improvement initiatives, and maintaining books, records and compliance.

Prior to joining CPV, Dave was Director of Mergers and Acquisitions at AES Corporation, and led transactions that made AES one of the five largest operators of wind power projects in the US.

From 1993 to 2003 Dave worked at PG&E National Energy Group (NEG) where he led NEG’s mergers and acquisitions group. In this position Dave was instrumental in 15 transactions totaling over $4 billion, including the $1.6 billion acquisition of the electric generating business of New England Electric Systems, Inc., the $1 billion inaugural bond offer by NEG, and the $275 million purchase of J. Makowski Company.

Dave is a graduate of Middlebury College (BA Economics) and New York University (MS Accounting), and obtained a CPA license in New York State.

Tom FavingerTom joined CPV in August 2006 and is currently responsible for asset management of the 725 MW CPV Shore project in Woodbridge NJ. Tom previously managed the 1,600 MW Lonestar portfolio in Texas, 540 MW Milford Power Project in Milford, CT, the 568 MW Liberty Electric Power Project near Philadelphia, PA, the 837 MW Batesville Project in Batesville, MS, and the NAEA portfolio in PJM and ISO-NE.

Prior to joining CPV, Tom was Vice President, M&A at Constellation Energy responsible for generation M&A activities. Prior to his M&A role at Constellation, Tom was VP of Project Development, leading or supporting the development of domestic merchant generating plants. In between his development and M&A positions at Constellation, Tom was Director of Mergers and Acquisitions at PG&E NEG.

Tom has led or participated in energy related M&A and finance transactions aggregating over $2 billion in value.

Tom has also held VP of Business Development and Manager positions at Statoil US and Price Waterhouse, respectively.

Tom holds a BBA degree in accounting from Loyola University Maryland and obtained a CPA license in Maryland.

Jack BreenJack joined CPV in 2005 and was responsible for asset management of the 2,500 MW MACH Gen portfolio. He is the designated Asset Manager for the 720 MW CPV Valley and 785 MW CPV Towantic projects currently under construction.

Prior to joining CPV, Jack was Vice President at General Electric, Energy Financial Services (EFS) where he was the Asset Manager on the Middlesex Generating Company with a debt and equity exposure of $54 million and provided management oversight on five combined cycle projects with an exposure of $1.2 billion. Jack was also part of the Risk Group at EFS that provided due-diligence on acquisitions resulting in an increase of $1 billion to the energy portfolio in 2004.

Before EFS, Jack was the Director of Global Operations at InterGen Energy Services where his team provided operations and engineering expertise at 19 assets located around the world. Jack was the lead negotiator of service and equipment contracts valued at $1.7 billion on projects in Turkey, United Kingdom, the United States, and Mexico.

Previously, Jack worked in the role of Asset Manager and Independent Engineer at various power project companies firms including Intercontinental Energy Corporation and Raytheon Service Company.

Jack holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Marine Engineering from Massachusetts Maritime Academy and a MBA from Suffolk University.

Nick RahnNick joined CPV in 2011 and is accountable for Optim Energy’s fleet of gas and cogeneration assets. Prior to joining CPV, Nick was the Senior Vice President of Generation and Development for Optim Energy. There, he renegotiated the fuel supply agreement for Optim’s solid fuel plant and reduced operating costs by optimizing boiler design modifications to lengthen outage cycles. He also oversaw Optim’s interests in the completion of a combined cycle plant and enhanced performance at a gas fired cogeneration plant.

Before Optim, Nick served as a vice president with PacifiCorp, a MidAmerican Energy Holdings Company. In that position, he was responsible for the development and construction of $1 billion in annual projects: clean air efforts for the coal fleet, new gas- fired resources, wind turbines, and bottoming cycle geothermal generation, as well as the operation of 2,000 MW of coal, gas and wind joint owned facilities.

Prior to becoming vice president with PacifiCorp, Nick led engineering, facility planning, and technology for Northern Natural Gas. There, he directed all aspects of engineering and construction for a 16,000 mile pipeline system -- with accountability for $100 million - $200 million in projects annually.

Nick holds a Bachelor of Science degree in engineering from Clemson University.

Don AtwoodDon joined CPV in 2000 and has worked on both asset management and thermal development projects for the company. He currently manages the 55 MW Benson Power biomass facility in Benson, MN. Don was the lead developer responsible for the development of the CPV St. Charles Energy Center, a 725MW natural gas-fired combined cycle facility which reached financial close on August 08, 2014. Don has also sited numerous greenfield development projects across various regions of the United States for CPV, and has negotiated a number of water and wastewater supply agreements, lease agreements, development agreements, and payment in lieu of tax arrangements on behalf of CPV for various of the companies thermal development projects.

Don was previously responsible for the asset management of the 720MW Wolf Hollow Energy Project in Granbury, Texas from 2004 – 2006.

Prior to joining CPV, Don was a Director of Development for Poseidon Resources Corporation where he worked on various privatization opportunities for publically owned water and wastewater treatment facilities across the United States.

Don holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Marine Engineering from Massachusetts Maritime Academy and a Master of Business Administration from Salem State University School of Business

Mark McDanielsMark joined CPV in 2008 and currently manages the 800 MW gas-fired Sentinel project in Palm Springs, CA. Mark previously served as Asset Manager for the 305 MW Major Oak coal-fired plant and lignite mine in Texas, the Hereford Ethanol facility also in Texas and the Blue Mountain biomass facility in Nevada. In addition, he managed construction and transition to commercial operations at the Keenan II wind farm in Oklahoma, and served as Asset Manager for.

Prior to joining CPV, Mark managed the energy portfolio for Stark Investments where he was responsible for the daily oversight of construction and operations of biofuel and gas-fired assets. Before Stark, Mark served as Project/Plant Manager during construction and operations at gas-fired facilities for various IPPs, Co-Ops and Utilities, managed geothermal assets in northern Nevada, managed various projects during initial construction of the South Texas Nuclear Project and held management positions in the Operations Department with Houston Lighting & Power.

Mark holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from Madison University and is licensed by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

Joe MichienziJoe joined CPV in 2006 and currently provides Asset Management support primarily for CPV Shore and CPV St. Charles, which are 2x1 combined cycle plants utilizing GE 7FA.05 combustion turbines.

Joe has worked on almost all of the CPV assets including Siemens 501G units at MACH Gen, Siemens 501F units at Batesville, GE 7FA units at Liberty Electric Power, and with Mitsubishi 501G units at Wolf Hollow.

Joe’s first hand experiences with power plants and working directly with energy marketers gives him unique insights towards the relationship between project financials and operations. Joe focuses on opportunities to improve gross margin and reducing operating expenses while maintaining a high level of plant reliability and safety.

Leveraging Joe’s experience, he provides O&M support for project development and M&A activities specifically in the areas of performance, operating costs and major maintenance.

Prior to joining CPV, Joe worked for the independent engineering firm, R.W. Beck, Inc., as an Operations and Performance Consultant and for PG&E NEG, where he held engineering positions at power plant sites and corporate offices.

Joe has a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute.

Sherman KnightSherman leads CPV’s origination and energy management team. The origination and energy management team is responsible for originating short-term and long-term physical and financial power and gas transactions to support financing of CPV’s natural-gas fired and renewable development businesses. In addition, working closely with CPV’s asset management team, Sherman and CPV’s energy management team is responsible for the daily interaction between commodity traders, logistics, plant personnel and control areas to maximize gross margins while setting price-risk and operational-risk tolerances for CPV’s asset management portfolio.

Prior to CPV, Sherman was Director, Portfolio Management at PG&E National Energy Group where he was responsible for the daily commercial optimization and fuel supply contracting of over 7,000 MW of gas, oil, coal, and hydro capacity.

Sherman holds an MBA from Columbia Business School at Columbia University, a MS in Environmental Engineering from Columbia University and a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford University.

Sherman Knight

žMorris joined CPV in 2010 and oversees the financial reporting, budget, audit function, treasury management and tax matters for both CPV’s project portfolio and its asset management business.  Morris has a background managing and overseeing various types of accounting and tax matters, including policies, procedures, controls and systems.  Morris has worked in the energy field for over 20 years.  His experience includes accounting and tax compliance, reporting, planning, audits, and controversy matters.

Immediately prior to joining CPV, Morris was Vice President and CFO at White Energy Coal North America, Inc., where he was responsible for financial, legal, accounting, human resources, and other matters at the U.S. subsidiary of an Australian publicly traded (ASX-200) clean coal technology company.

žFrom 1993 to 2008 Morris worked as Managing Director, Tax at PG&E NEG where he led NEG’s tax department, providing support to NEG’s mergers and acquisitions group, where he worked on numerous acquisition, restructuring, and disposition projects. Morris remained at NEG through its bankruptcy and liquidation of all its power projects.

žMorris is a graduate of the University of Maryland (BS Accounting, Summa Cum Laude) and The National Law Center, George Washington University (Juris Doctor).  Morris is a licensed CPA (currently in-active) and attorney in the State of Maryland.