Guiding transactions to exceed owner’s goals
An integral part of CPV’s asset management services, CPV’s principals have helped over $15 billion in assets obtain financing or transfer ownership over the last 20 years.

In a partially-deregulated industry with enormous regional differences in market rules, reserve margins and transmission capacity, the old assumptions about plant value no longer apply. The value of power plants is a function of the market in which they compete, the profile and number of competitors, the regulatory environment and how the plants were financed and built. CPV’s acquisition team looks for opportunities to create value through sales or acquisitions, refinancings and expansion or redevelopment.

CPV has the knowledge and experience to execute acquisition and/or sales strategies on behalf of our partners and clients. We evaluate a power facility's financial pro-forma based upon today's market realities and a realistic forward view, each of which are essential for establishing valuation. We know what buyers or sellers need to see in order to complete a transaction and coordinate and deliver the full due diligence and management perspective necessary for closings.

CPV has the resources to provide a project risk assessment regarding complete power train technology by undertaking a comprehensive technical due diligence on equipment mature, past performance and expected results for future operations.

Our experience covers all types of power plant transactions and financing structures. In addition, we enjoy strong relationships with key people at financial institutions and equity providers, positioning CPV to be of great value to those looking to acquire or sell power plants, now or in the future.

We also align our interests financially with our owner’s goals, be they long term asset appreciation or cash monetization. CPV offers financial investors the complete management skills and economies-of-scale of a larger strategic power company applied to individual power plants or smaller project portfolios. We offer these skills on a temporary or long-term basis to fit the owner’s investment timeframe.